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Begin the Journey Back to You

Personal and group coaching that lead to the life you love.

Stop waiting on others to bring you happiness. Gain the confidence to discover your worth, prioritize yourself, and own your story. You deserve to live a life you love.

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Individual Coaching

Talk with Chelle in a private zoom or phone call (based on your preferences and needs).

Private coaching sessions give you the chance to dig deep into the paralyzing feelings you’ve never faced before to overcome your overwhelm. It provides a safe space to say what you’ve been afraid to say, admit your truths, and become equipped with the necessary tools for creating a life that makes you happy.

Coaching sessions take place in a judgement-free zone and are tailored to fit the realities of your life. Though personal transformation is a lifetime process, you can begin the journey of change anytime you want. Your happiness is your choice.

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Group Coaching

Connect and grow with people like you in our group coaching sessions.

There’s something special about the bond between those who share similar experiences. Our group sessions are intimate online meetings meant for exchanging stories, learning practical tools, exploring issues of interest, and developing within a supportive community of people on the path to personal freedom.

You can share whatever feels most comfortable. Group settings can be vulnerable. The expectation is kindness and respect for all. You will be inspired by your own victories and by the breakthroughs of your peers. You will learn new ways of understanding yourself and others.

Are you ready to awaken your power and experience the relief of knowing you’re not alone?

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Coaching Bundle

Many people prefer to take advantage of the benefits of both individual and group coaching. They enjoy the made-for-you intimacy of a private call and the camaraderie of developing within a group. Bundle the two together to give yourself extra care and the added bonus of saving money.

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I'm so happy you're here!

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Before coaching with Chelle, I felt stuck in my internal growth. I knew something was off, but couldn't identify it. During coaching I discovered bent thinking I wasn't even aware of. Now I feel clear about my future and confident about my value and worth. I highly recommend having Chelle as a guide on the journey to the best version of you.
Randy Garmon headshot
Randy Garmon
CEO, Atherton Hill
Randy and Betsy Garmon in Costa Rica
Chelle isn’t afraid to ask tough questions. She provides a judgment-free zone for me to explore the hidden subconscious fears that hold me back from everything I want. I’ve experienced significant breakthroughs in just several months with Chelle’s guidance and deep listening skills.
Tiffany Berkowitz headshot
Tiffany Berkowitz
Tiffany Berkowitz in the sun
When I started with Chelle, I was not the person I am today, and the program that she patiently guided me through was not easy. But after trusting her completely and taking the simple steps that she suggested, my life has finally become not only more manageable, but also fulfilling.
Svetlana Malchikova headshot
Svetlana Malchikova
Software Engineer
Svetlana Malchikova at a waterfall
I was moving too fast in some areas of my professional life and some of my relational boundaries were not as clear they needed to be. Chelle helped me define my goals and break them down into bite-sized chunks
Seema Patel headshot
Seema Patel
Lifestyle Coach
Seema Patel on the beach with her husband.
Chelle taught me to slow down, to be disciplined, to control my emotions. To have someone like Michelle, who has been where we are and can see the different stages of our progress has been very helpful. One thing she encouraged me to do is to have more balance in my life along this journey.
Hector Ricardo headshot
Hector Ricardo
Respiratory Therapist
Hector Ricardo playing golf
My husband and I were successful, but something was missing. I signed up for the group class and individual coaching sessions. Chelle knew more about what I needed than I did. The life lessons learned were valuable and they are just that – life lessons – to be continued and improved upon the rest of my life!
Ann Williams headshot
Ann Williams
Real Estate Investor
Ann Williams with her dog.
The pandemic shook me to the core and triggered many deep rooted fears. Chelle emphasizes the importance of understanding yourself— your fears, tendencies and your money story. After working with Chelle, I am much more confident and ready for the future.
Mann Chow headshot
Mann Chow
Restaurant Owner
Mann Chow on the line at his restaurant